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Posted by: jagdish, 2015-09-27, 12:51 - 0 comments

Hello Everyone !

Hope you are doing fine.

You know for running such a website, we need money. There are 2 ways to get money for this kind of purpose:

1. Ask your player to pay for playing the games.

2. Let them play free and serve ads

Nothing is wrong in both 2 ways, but as per the surveys and reports, most of users don't want to pay for playing browser games.  Many want to pay for 2 reasons; they want to tip to those who served best content to them. they don't want to see annoying ads.

In comparison to both the free users are much more then paid users. always wishes to serve everything free. Even if you are downloading and want to play it offline we have no problem.

But for running this website we need money, and we are getting from ad revenue.

In past we are serving pre-loader ads and inter level ads in our games. But now we have decided to remove all the ads except preloader ads.

If you wish to feed us, you can click the preloader ad  ( The ad displayed while the game is loading). After clicking that ad, If it is possible for you, you can fulfill the wish of the advertiser. 

What is the advertiser's wish ?
When you click an advertise, it carries you to a new tap in your browser. In this new tab you can read the page carefully. You will understand what advertiser want.

1. They can wish to install a software on your computer: If you wish you can download that software. Scan it from antivirus and install it.

2. They can wish to register yourself for an online game: This is easy and harmless you can do this.

3. They an wish to install a browser extension: This is fast and easy, you can also do this easily. If you find it useful, you can keep otherwise you can later delete it from Browser > settings > Extension

4. They can wish to make you shop online. In this type of ad always be careful. If the website is popular and trusted and If you want to buy something. Please buy. Otherwise ignore it.

5. They can wish to make you play some games on their website. Do if you want to .

If you fulfill the wish of advertiser we will get some pennies. This is up to you to use your complete sense.

Thanks for reading

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